Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT)

What is Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT)?

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT) is an unique hypnosis tool founded by Dolores Cannon in the 1970s. QHHT utilises the natural brainwave, Theta, to help people reach a deeply relaxing state. Scientifically, the theta state in the brain plays a critical role in both recording and recalling declarative memory (facts or memories of past events) as well as emotional experiences (Jensen, Adachi & Hakimian, 2015).

How does QHHT differ from Past Life Regression and other hypnosis?

  • In the early 2000s, after years of practising and refining the technique, Dolores decided to name her unique hypnosis method as “Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique”. The name QHHT describes the advanced technique more accurately. During a QHHT session, some people may see past lives, and others may see lives in another dimension or planet, or even earlier periods in their current life. The Subconscious always brings us to the most appropriate time and place so that it can provide us the most useful information based on where we currently are in the life journey. 
  • Many people are more familiar with the term “Past Life Regression”, and it was how Dolores Cannon first started. However, unlike other past life regression techniques, QHHT brings people to communicate with the all-knowing-part-of-themselves under the trance state. She called this all knowing part as “The Subconscious”, or commonly known as “the Higher Self”, “Oversoul”, and “Higher Consciousness”. This is the greater part in us that’s connected to The Source, Universe or God. The Subconscious knows everything about us, and can provide us with the most appropriate and helpful information to assist us. 
  • Instead of giving suggestions (e.g., quit smoking) to clients under trance in clinical hypnosis, Dolores Cannon emphasised on the facilitative role of the QHHT practitioner. In QHHT, the practitioner facilitates the process by asking questions, helping the participant to navigate in past lives, and assisting the participant receive information from the Subconscious directly. Dolores also taught QHHT practitioners to provide options for the participant during the session and respect their free will. Even when you’re under trance and seeing a past life, you can choose to go to certain places or people that you drawn to. 

The Process of QHHT

Steps 01:

The first part of the session is the interview. During the interview, we will get acquainted and build rapport with you. We will ask questions to understand who you are, the reasons why you’re interested in QHHT, important relationships in your lives etc. It’s important for us to ask these questions and understand the significant events in your life because anything in your current life may come out in the regression later, and we need to have sufficient information to assist you.

Steps 02:

The second part of the session is the regression. After the interview, we will ask you to lie down with eyes closed. We will help you reach a deeply relaxing state where the theta brainwave is activated. Under the theta state, you will receive the most appropriate and helpful information from the Subconscious/Higher Self. You’ll be fully aware during the session. We will be conversing and guiding you throughout. 

Steps 03:

The third part of the session is the communication with the Subconscious. After directly communicating with the Subconscious/Higher Self, we will have a debrief. We will help you process the information you received if needed.

Frequently Asked Questions

You need to prepare a list of questions you would like to ask the Higher Self / Subconscious / Universe. It’s better if you can have a light meal before the session and not consume too much caffeine. We don’t advise driving immediately after the session. 

If you don’t have specific questions to ask but still want to have a QHHT session, there might be important information the Universe wants to show you. In such cases, you don’t need to bring a list of questions.

People below the age of 18 are not suitable for QHHT. People with psychotic symptoms such as visual or auditory hallucinations are not suitable for QHHT. 

For people who are interested in past lives yet not suitable or ready for QHHT, you may consider receiving a Past Life Reiki session here.

The Subconscious/ Higher Self will take you to the most appropriate time and place. It will not show you things that you’re not ready for. If you saw a particular past life with painful experiences, it is for a good reason. It could be that you need healing or release, or there are important lessons / information you need to learn from.

The short answer is no. However, you might experience emotional release, mild fatigue, physical tingling etc during and/or after the session. We encourage you to tell us how you’re feeling during the session so that we can guide you throughout without having to experience the painful sensation.

If you choose to undergo a QHHT session and want to connect to the Subconscious based on your own free will, you will receive some information even if it’s not past lives. 


Some people don’t receive the information through seeing, but through feeling or having messages popped up in their mind. 

If for some reason, you’re unable to receive any information and do not want to try anymore, we (the practitioners) can receive the information on your behalf. In such cases, the session will be shortened and you’re only required to pay 50% of the usual rate of a QHHT session.

No. The techniques developed by Dolores Cannon were tested rigorously throughout her 40 years of practice, and she always made sure that it was safe for the client. We follow closely on the techniques being taught by Dolores in the QHHT training.

Many people find one session to be enough. Some people might come back for the 2nd or 3rd session after quite some time because they are encountering new challenges in life.

Benefits of QHHT
  • Release blockages from past lives
  • Discover your life purposes 
  • Learn about your soul contracts
  • Release karmic bonds with others 
  • Connect to your Higher Self or Spirit Guide
What you need to know

The entire session will take 3 - 4 hours.

We will provide you with an audio recording of the regression. We will delete the recording after 5 days.

All information acquired during the QHHT session will be kept confidential

QHHT Testimonials

Rayne, 35 yrs old, Singapore


I came to know Huiyin from my friend, who asked if I’m interested in this therapy that she is currently practising in. Because I have some issues that I’ve been pondering about, I decided to take a try and see approach and my friend helped me contact Huiyin for a session. However, as this is something I’ve never experienced before, I wasn’t sure what to expect and made some requests. While Huiyin was unable to fulfill them all, she was very patient and went out of her way to fulfill as many as she could. After understanding my issues, we went ahead with the session and she explained to me what the therapy is about, how we will progress and made sure I’m comfortable. To be honest, the session wasn’t something that turned out comfortable for me. I think there are people who like these kinds of sessions because they can work on resolving whatever issues they have. But for me, working on the issues is something that is hard and painful. But it was necessary. Even though she is in training and does not have decades of experience under her belt, I do believe that she will gain more experience with each session she does and help more people along the way.

Gary, 30+, Singapore

Executive Quality Service Management

I got acquainted to Siwan by chance, for a QHHT session, as part of her training’s practicum requirement. It was my first time doing it as a client and it was a relaxing experience. Thanks to Siwan, I have now managed to form a connection with my guide, which is all I needed to know.

Syam, 36 yo, Singapore


I was going through a stuck in my life and unable to understand or find a solution to it. Hui Yin suggested doing a past life regression and it helped me have clarity. Through her guidance, I was able to understand my needs, purpose in life, and emotions. Her help has allowed me to take the next step in my growth. Would highly recommend this to my friends who are experiencing similar issues as me.

James, 30+, Singapore


Siwan made me feel relaxed throughout the session. She is very professional in her work and I would highly recommend her service. In her session, I get to explore my past life and what I am going through. It was refreshing for me yet I found out many unexpected things about myself. Thank you Siwan! 

Vivian, 29 yo, Singapore


After the session with Hui Yin, I felt less numb and could feel my feelings more. I remembered my past trauma and most importantly, was able to think more clearly what specifically I had to do and what steps that I need to take to move forward and improve on myself and my life. I also realised that there is a lot of healing that needs to be done as well. My emotions and hurt carried on after the session, as well as more clarity on how to help myself. Hui Yin was very professional and calm during the session which helped me to relax during the session with her.


Evelyn, 29yo, Singapore


I had a QHHT session with Siwan, and it was a very pleasant collaborative experience. She’s a very mature and highly spiritual QHHT practitioner. Under her patient guidance, I saw 2-3 past lives. In one of my past lives, I was born very poor. My mother passed away early, and I had to raise my younger siblings by myself. I went to the army and met a good commanding officer, who recognized my gift of helping people and promoted me to become an officer who provided palliative care for soldiers. When I died in that life, many people showed up at my funeral and I died as a respected and loved officer. From seeing that lifetime, I learned that I’ve started my spiritual journey of healing others even from a past life. 

I’m also grateful that I saw another past life where I was a General who became a monk after losing loved ones in wars. I lived in a western area and translated many books as a monk. I saw myself dying in that past life, and a kind villager visited me and brought me medicines. That villager is my father in this current life. 

I also saw 1-2 other past lives. Overall, the QHHT session helped me discover and feel more certain about my life purpose, which is to help others and myself grow mentally and spiritually. I’m very grateful for Siwan’s help and guidance, and I hope I can work with her in the future. She’s a highly spiritual and motivated healer. I believe that Siwan will be very successful in the field of QHHT. 

JQ, 31yo, Singapore


I did reiki healing, past life regression / QHHT, and the kundalini attunement course with Siwan. It’s really amazing how I got to see my past life and feel the different sensations during the reiki healing. The experience was great, with new insights gained. Siwan also helped to convey messages she received from my spirit guides/universe and taught me some techniques that I can put to use. The kundalini course is informative and experiential, with Siwan being patient clarifying the queries that we have. Thanks Siwan for all these experiences ❤️

James N, 32yo, Malaysia


Hui Yin professionally explained the entire therapy process so I was at ease knowing I am in good hand. The whole session was relaxing and enjoyable. 2 months after the therapy, I am more forgiven and acceptance towards myself. Overall, I see improvement in my happiness and level of confidence. Definitely benefited in immeasurable way.

Belle, 34yo, Singapore


I had Hui Yin as my facilitator for my past-life regression. Before the session, I was very nervous and had a lot of questions because this was my first time doing past life regression. Hui yin had been extremely reassuring and had put my mind at ease. She was very knowledgeable and patiently answered my questions. She also clarified and assured me before the session started to ensure that we both had the same understanding and expectations, which gave me the confidence to participate. Throughout the session, she was extremely professional, and I felt heard and respected. If any of my other friends wanted to experience former life regression, I would without a doubt suggest her.

Shang Bin, 40yo, Singapore

Investment Analyst

Siwan generously gave me a complimentary QHHT session in December 2022 as part of her practicum requirements. We spent a bit of time going through the questions that I have in mind. Her line of inquiry during the fact-finding made me reflect and I shared responses to matters that I have not consciously thought about. That experience was surprising. During the session, I did not know whether it was the ego me responding or it was my higher self activated. As though sensing my anxiety, Siwan was able to gently and kindly guide me to settle down and remain open to what is to come. A central question on my reason for being, which has been on my mind for some years, was answered with quiet resolve. I was shocked that in a Human Design reading that I went for a few weeks after revealing my life path is that of a Role Model, the exact words “To be a role model” uttered during the QHHT session with Siwan. After the QHHT session, I did experience more connection to my being. And there was some lightness, some uplifted spirit. Siwan has a gift for sensing a person’s energies.