Blog #3 – Ego and Universal Love

Ego & Universal Love

Written by Hui Yin, on 30th March 2024

There is a saying that goes, “Something we dislike about a person is a lesson for us to learn about ourselves.” This statement rings true, but it can still be challenging for the ego mind to digest and understand. Sometimes, the mind reacts by immediately denying it and putting up a defensive front through justification and explanation. Other times, the mind may pretend to already understand and agree with it to avoid further discomfort. Regardless, both reactions are acceptable in spirituality, as the Universe understands the importance of defense mechanisms to prevent the collapse of the self, which could lead to different mental health issues. 


In hindsight, a lesson learned about the things we dislike is also an opportunity for love to enter the heart. It welcomes the ugliest aspects, the heartbreak, and the emptiness into the space they deserve, and offers respect, patience, forgiveness, and compassion for what they couldn’t. The eventual goal is to understand that we are who we are regardless of how we feel and perceive ourselves. 


One beautiful thing I discovered is that once a love lesson is learned, the things I used to perceive as ugly about others become acceptable and forgiven. The ultimate learning is that my sense of self is independent of others and also coexists with the rest. With this realization, my spirit becomes free and lovable. Suddenly, the aforementioned saying resonates. I finally understand what the “opposite party” felt at that moment, and instead of choosing to “oppose,” I have chosen to forgive and stand on the same line as them, simply understanding it’s the common human inner struggle that we need to go through together.