Reiki Healing

What is Reiki healing?

  • The human body carries subtle energies beyond the material body. If there are issues / blockages in the subtle energies, it will affect our physical health and material body as well. 
  • When performing Reiki, the healer is intentionally interfering with your energy field, and uses Universal Energies to help you with the issues in subtle energy bodies (e.g., emotional body, mental body).
  • Because the healer is using Universal Energies, reiki can be performed remotely. Distant healing is equally effective as in-person sessions. 
  • During the reiki session, we will sometimes receive messages from your Spirit Guides/Higher Self /the Universe. 
  • We will not receive any messages that the Higher Beings do not want us to know. If certain messages come to us, you’re meant to know. We convey the messages to you truthfully. 

Process of Reiki Healing

  • We offer two types of reiki healing: Kundalini Reiki and Gold Reiki. Kundalini energy can be used in a wider range of issues, while Gold energy is more focused on emotional and physical difficulties. 
  • Kundalini Reiki healing: 
    • Chakra healing 
    • Emotional issues 
    • Past life issues 
    • Inner child healing 
    • Negative thoughts 
    • Physical health
    • Healing on relationships (karmic bands)
    • Birth trauma healing 
    • DNA healing
  • Gold Reiki healing:
    • Chakra healing 
    • Emotional issues 
    • Physical health

The first part of the session is the interview. During the interview, we will get acquainted and build rapport with you. We will ask questions to understand who you are, the reasons why you’re interested in QHHT, important relationships in your lives etc. It’s important for us to ask these questions and understand the significant events in your life because anything in your current life may come out in the regression later, and we need to have sufficient information to assist you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Reiki healing mainly focuses on clearing the energy blockages in your chakras. Unlike in a QHHT session where you’re communicating and receiving information from the Subconscious / Higher Self, you may not directly receive messages in a reiki session. Even without any messages, the healing will still be carried out and sent to you. 

Kundalini Reiki can be used to heal past life issues. However, you will not be communicating with the Subconscious / Higher Self directly like in a QHHT session. We will be the ones receiving information regarding your past lives in Past Life Reiki. 

A reiki healing session typically takes an hour while a QHHT session takes 3 – 4 hours. The price for the two services is thus different.

You don’t need to prepare anything specifically. At the beginning of the session, you can share with us the reasons why you want to have reiki healing. You may want to wear comfortable clothings to feel relaxed during the session. 

It depends on the individual. Some people find one session enough while others want to have multiple sessions. It also depends on the type of issue you’re having as well as its severity. 

We respect the free will of each individual. Essentially, you are the one deciding how long you want to engage in our services or how many sessions you would like.

Typically, we do not need to physically touch the client during a reiki session. However, we might place our hands 5 cm away from your physical body if there are issues in targeted areas of the body.

  • Chakra healing and balancing 
  • Help with emotional issues
  • Help with physical health issues 
  • Help reduce negative thoughts 
  • Help with relationship issues (karmic bands)
What you need to know

We will listen to your concerns and share with you on the type of reiki that is more suitable for your needs.

Each Reiki session will take approximately 1 hour. 

Reiki healing can be conducted both in-person and remotely. 

Reiki Healing Testimonials

Michelle Lim, Brunei


When the session first started, I first felt warm, golden light surrounding me then slowly the light streams down into me from my crown. The light lingered a bit at my third eye but there were constant waves of light streaming down.  There was also warm light around my heart and solar plexus areas during the process.  I feel the warm light is not only healing my physical body but my emotional body too as I have tears rolling down my cheeks at a certain point in time of the process.

Charmaine, 17yo, Singapore


I originally planned to do QHHT with Hui Yin, but was advised to do reiki healing for my persistent medically unexplained cough issues (2 weeks) instead. The reiki healing was quite an interesting, but calming experience for me. I could feel some tingling sensation and I also heard a very low pitched hum throughout the process. I noticed parts of my body were tense (even though as an actor normally I am quite self aware of my own body, I didn’t realize, for example, how constricted my throat felt until this session). At the same time, I am also now aware of the things I have to do to make life better for myself in a sense? After 2 weeks, I felt a lot more calm and free (physically and mentally). I have generally been in a better mood than usual, I don’t feel as tense.. my cough also got less intense and I have gotten A LOT of sleep.. hahaha.

Yan Xu, 36yo, China

Registered Counsellor & Tarot Reader

I had a Reiki session with Siwan out of curiosity, because I was stuck with a belief I had. I was very surprised that the message she received for me was regarding my past life. It was the first time I received reiki healing, so I didn’t know if the message was true or not, but it hit me when I heard it. Even my personality in this lifetime is greatly affected by what she said about my past life. The reiki session brought me many valuable messages. I became curious about Reiki healing, thus I participated in the Kundalini Reiki Attunement course. After receiving the attunement, I was able to do reiki for others. But I still wasn’t sure. My mom often experienced pain in her knees, so I delicately did a reiki healing for her. After the healing, my mom said the pain was gone. I was very surprised, and very glad that I learned such a healing method. I received different feedback in every reiki healing I’ve given to others. I’m very grateful and Siwan helped me become a healer. I wish more people could experience and learn Reiki healing because it’s worth it. 

Lina, 29yo, China

HR Consultant

After receiving Reiki healing from Siwan, I could connect with myself better. I’ve become more willing to introspect. I’m more accepting of myself and life. I also feel lighter and calmer. Additionally, I’m more intrigued and curious about the mystery of the universe haha.

Lin Qing, 30+yo, China

Civil Servant

I’ve felt stuck for quite some time, and I felt that I needed help from others. Therefore I gladly said ‘yes’ when Siwan offered healing for me. At first, I only had vague ideas about spiritual healing. I was quite doubtful about energy work. But when she started the healing session for me,  she said something that suddenly hit my heart and I started tearing uncontrollably. At the same time, I felt an energy continuously growing and filling in my heart. I felt understood, trusted and affirmed. I felt that I was able to live a fulfilling life. I’m more accepting of the kindness and love in life. I can accept, feel and trust the power of love. The sort of healing Siwan provided made me feel that I wasn’t simply receiving help from an external party (that was her), but I felt very much empowered within. It helped me gradually believe in myself and my own strength. It helped me grow from my heart and spirit. 

What is worth mentioning is that during the Kundalini Reiki Attunement Course, we were paired up to practise doing reiki healing for each other. I’ve never met or known my practice partner, yet I was able to feel and connect with her energy! When I told her what I sensed, she resonated with me too. Believe it or not, it happened.