Introduction to DNA Activation & Self-healing Abilities 



Introduction to DNA Activation &
Self-Healing Abilities

Event Details

Facilitators: Master Armata Rae Chandran and Stephanie Wu 

Date: 6th Oct 2023

Time: 8pm – 10.30pm (Singapore Time) 

Format: Online via Zoom 

Language: English with Mandarin translation 

Fees: Free (donations are welcome)

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老师:瑞强德兰大师 & 容容老师


时间:晚上8:00到10:30 (新加坡时间)





Workshop Content:

  • Channeling messages on DNA activation and Kundalini energy by Master Rae 
  • Understand the epid-grid, the Light Body of humans, network of Mother Earth by Stephanie Wu 
  • Understand how to unlock the talents and potential within us by Stephanie Wu 
  • Participants experience the self-healing abilities and Kundalini energy activation 


  • 瑞强德兰大师为我们传讯与DNA和昆达里尼(拙火)能量相关的讯息 
  • 容容老师为我们讲解人体的光体与地球母亲的网格
  • 容容老师为我们介绍如何解锁我们自身的潜能与天赋
  • 参与者体验人体自愈能力与昆达里尼(拙火)能量的激活

Why is DNA activation important?

DNA is who you really are. The core essence of you is contained in your DNA. Your entire spiritual lineage is contained in your DNA. If you were to ask – where is my Soul and the highest concentrated energy of your soul is in your DNA. DNA is like a book which contains all this and much more.  But it remains shut and to glean the knowledge and the wisdom from the book, one must fully open the book and in the same way, one must activate the DNA to access your full essence and energies contained within it.

There are 12 strands of DNA in a physical body and much more on an etheric level.  To fully understand and realize who we are, one must fully activate all the 12 strands of our DNA and when this is done, one naturally moves into the state of full Samadhi/Nirvana/Ascension of which the ancient rishis spoke of.  

(From Ascended Master Kuthumi. Channeled by Rae Chandran)

因为你的核心本质,全部都包含在你的DNA之中,所以DNA可以代表真正的你。你在地球和其他星球上的所有生命,会被记录在你的DNA中。你的整个灵性传承系统,也都包含在你的 DNA 中。如果你想问,自己的灵魂在何处? 你最高浓度的灵魂能量,就在自己的 DNA 中。DNA 就像是一本包含了这一切,以及更多内容的书,但它却是处于关闭的状态。你必须完全打开这本书,才能够从书本中收集知识和智慧。同样地,你必须激活 DNA,来获取自己包含在其中的全部本质和能量。

人的身体中有12股DNA 链,而且还有更多的DNA,存在于以太的层面上。一个人必须完全激活,自己所有 12 链的DNA,才能完全理解和认识,自己的真实身分。当这个部分完成后,这个人自然会进入古圣人所说的,完全三摩地/涅槃/扬升状态。


Why is activating self-healing abilities important?

The human body is a system that carries subtle energies beyond the physical body. This subtle system has a “visible” structure and an “invisible” structure. Every cell in your body has the ability to self-diagnose. It also has the innate knowledge to function with the body as a totality. The human body also has its own light network. Unfortunately, most of it has been contaminated, causing people to lose contact with their inner nature. Activating and repairing the human body’s light network not only awakens the body’s self-healing mechanism, but also allows your energy field to automatically reconnect to Heaven and Earth. Your body’s energy will automatically absorb the life energy between Heaven and Earth. , rapidly increasing its own frequency.


Our Facilitator

Facilitator: Armata Rae Chandran

Armata Chandran has been on the path of Self Discovery for more than three decades and through the experiences and insights he gained in his own self discovery, he developed many platforms for sharing these insights and shares these through his workshops and books. Armata conducts workshops in many countries like USA, Japan, China, Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, India, Brazil, Hong Kong and Bali. He also leads people to power spots like Egypt, Israel Greece. Nepal, Bali and other countries.

His main work at the present moment is with regard to Ascension and teaches about Ascension and the practices we can follow to fully self realize in a few short years. Armata also regularly conducts workshops on using sound as a healing modality. He also teaches about Karma and how one can transmute the energies of Karma using sounds, geometries and mudras. He also conducts workshops on Mahakundalini which is the next quantum and evolutionary step in raising the human consciousness and also is the originator of Galactic Shaktipat which is being practiced in many countries. He also teaches about the next level of Reiki called Cosmic Reiki, which are advanced levels of healing modalities.

Armata is the author of 15 books so far. Armata was a featured speaker at the UN in New York in May of 2016. Armata’s message and articles regularly appear in channeled magazines (Sedona Journal) and other publications and also on many internet platforms from US, Europe and Asia. He has also been on the radio shows in USA, Taiwan and Malaysia.




迄今阿尔玛他著有15 本灵性书籍。阿尔玛他也曾受邀于2016 年 5 月在纽约联合国大会上的演讲。阿尔玛他的信息和文章,会定期出现在一些如圣多娜期刊的传讯杂志和其他出版物,以及美国、欧洲和亚洲的许多互联网平台中。他还曾在美国、台湾和马来西亚的电台节目中接受专访。

Facilitator: Stephanie Wu

Stephanie Wu is a humble lightworker. Over the past 10 years, she has practiced various natural energetic healing modalities. Her miraculous healing talents helped many people recover from their physical and mental issues and improve their overall wellbeing, meanwhile bringing new hopes to many families.

Through her extensive exploration of the scientific aspects of human body, and by combining both ancient wisdom and modern methods, she developed a unique method that can easily awaken one’s self-healing mechanism by activating and repairing one’s body connective tissue and Epi-grid in order to awaken the Kundalini energy within. 

She also unlocks and trains new humanity with psychic powers, such as clairvoyance, clairaudience and communication capabilities with animals, plants and crystals.

Stephanie leads her team (from The School of Universe) to collectively heal the Earth, rebuilds the relationship between humans and our mother nature, bringing forth the most positive  ascension timeline to the Earth.