Family & Spiritual Constellation

What is Family & Spiritual Constellation?

Family & Spiritual Constellation (a.k.a. Systemic Constellation) is a dynamic healing method developed by German psychotherapist Dr. Bert Hellinger over 50 years. Constellation work can reveal hidden dynamics or entanglements with family members as well as hidden themes in the individual that are preventing him or her from moving forward and embracing life.

What’s the difference between Family and Spiritual Constellation?

Dr. Bert Helliger began the classical Family Constellation work in the 1970s. In the 2000s, constellation work was developing and evolving to a new level. Traditional constellation work moved from the Field of the Family Soul, into the Greater Field of Spirit.

While Family Constellation is spiritual in its nature, it is usually used to reveal hidden dynamics or patterns in the family lineage. In other words, it focuses on the “family.” Spiritual Constellation can be applied to a wider range of issues. The client can explore any emotions or themes in a session of Spiritual Constellation. 

Moreover, Family Constellation is usually conducted in a group setting. Other than the client, other participants are also present in the session and they will be the representatives of family members of the client in constellation work. Not only the client, but all the participants in the group will receive healing from the constellation. 

Spiritual Constellation, on the other hand, is usually conducted 1 on 1 with only the client and the constellator.  

Process of Family & Spiritual Constellation


  • In both Family and Spiritual Constellation, the constellator will require very little information regarding the client’s issue. 


  • The constellator will conduct a short guided meditation for the client and participants to ground themselves, connect to their body and let the theme naturally surface out in the client. 


  • Subsequently, the constellation work will begin. In online sessions, a rotatable board and figures will be used to represent different characters or elements in the theme the client is exploring. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Anyone who feels stuck and feels an urgent need for action or change.

If your issue or urgent need for change is related to your family lineage, you may request for Family Constellation. Otherwise, you may request for Spiritual Constellation.

For Family Constellation to be conducted, at least 4-5 participants need to be present to be representatives of family members. Moreover, the participants must be unfamiliar with the client’s stories of the family lineage. You may invite people who are suitable or ask the constellator to invite participants to join.

Each Constellation session can explore one theme or issue. Some people may choose to engage in the 2nd or 3rd session after some time when they encounter a new challenge in life.

  • Disentangle from unhealthy family patterns
  • Gain insights about actions and solutions 

The first part of the session is the interview. During the interview, we will get acquainted and build rapport with you. We will ask questions to understand who you are, the reasons why you’re interested in QHHT, important relationships in your lives etc. It’s important for us to ask these questions and understand the significant events in your life because anything in your current life may come out in the regression later, and we need to have sufficient information to assist you.